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You won't be getting sales persons who get paid by comssion and upsale you instead! ("Sales people in the water treatment  business)"only know comssion and numbers but don't know the anything technical of wath they are trying to sale you.instead the same person who sales you the water softener is the same person who will be installing it.

Water softeners are all digital valves which are the best water softeners out there!

This softener adapts to how many people live in home. 64,000 grains water softener. 

It has a water meter that adjust at all times.

Prices $1,400 for water softener, includes installation if you have plumbing loop in garage.

(If no loop) then there is extra charge for plumbing that needs to be ran) $750 more for carbon declorinator tank that removes chlorine out of the water ( Optional)

Reverse osmosis drinking  water $550 includes installation.

Want alkaline water? Only $90 more

Don't be over sold by companies and sales people! They charge over $5000-8000 !!don't be over sold! I assure you I will give you great quality and less price! Not a sales person but a real technician!

call or text 702.... 690.... 5974

65,000 grain water softener 

Digital valves that adjust at all times to how much people live at your home or how big your home is .

This valve water softener adapts to it automatically and its salt efficient 

Declorinator carbon tank .

Removes chlorine odor and taste out of the water for better water.


Reverse Osmosis 5 stage systems

50 GPD

Alkaline water PH 

No salt units👇 only $1400